Craig Curelop

Co-founder of The FI Team

Achieve Financial Independence through House Hacking

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

  • Starting with $90,000 in student loan debt and a negative $30,000 net worth in 2017, Craig used various tactics to make more, spend less, and invest the difference wisely to become financially independent 2.5 years later in 2019.
  • Craig will share how House Hacking could be the strategy for your clients. Trust Craig, he wrote the book, The House Hacking Strategy, which is the perfect blend of real estate and personal finance.
  • How to help your clients house hack in your market and how to calculate your net worth return on investment when house hacking

About the Speaker

More about the Speaker

Craig Curelop is co-founder of The FI Team and a real estate agent and investor in Denver, CO. He moved to Denver in April 2017 and closed on his first property in June 2017, a duplex that he house hacked for one year. 

He got a little bit creative and rented out the top unit while creating a quasi-bedroom in the living room by putting up a curtain and a cardboard wall divider so he could AirBnb the bedroom. Needless to say, it cash flowed :).

Since then he has purchased three more house hacks each of which cash flow about $1,000 per month. Between these four house hacks, he is now financially independent and created The FI Team to help others do the same. To date, he has directly helped 100+ others become house hackers on the road to financial independence.


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