Ian Morell

CEO of Caliber Real Estate

All-Access Bonus: Pitfalls of the BRRR Strategy

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

  • The BRRR Strategy, you've heard of it but don’t really get it. Ian breaks down the strategy and his process in a way that is easy to follow.
  • How the BRRRR Strategy is the one of fastest way to build your rental portfolio (and your clients!)
  • Find out the top pitfalls of the BRRRR strategy that others don’t talk about!

About the Speaker

Ian Morell is CEO of Caliber Group LLC, a Bellevue Real Estate firm that caters to not only traditional real estate clientele but also investment-minded real estate clients and agents who want to build their real estate portfolio. Ian was named Top 40 under 40 honoree for the Puget Sound Business Journal. He has flipped more than 300 homes and has an extensive rental portfolio throughout the Puget Sound.

The company traces its roots back to a partnership among friends in the industry who got together and started flipping homes to build their personal rental portfolio. They soon realized that there was an opportunity to blend traditional real estate and investment opportunities together for eager real estate brokers looking to expand their real estate wealth. Ian helped launch Caliber Real Estate in 2013, and the company traces its roots back to a partnership among friends flipping homes and building a rental portfolio. Caliber has been recognized in the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Fastest-Growing Company for four consecutive years and the Inc 5000 for two consecutive years.


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