John Warren

Real Estate Broker Associate at Second City Real Estate

How to calculate cap rates: pro forma vs reality

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

  • You will walk away from this presentation understanding the ins and outs of real estate deal analysis
  • You can master this skill so you can quickly and easily analyze deals like a pro
  • Make your clients more money by understanding proforma versus realty

About the Speaker

John Warren is a licensed real estate broker with the Presto Team at Second City Real Estate. He has been a licensed realtor for many six years, and the team leader of the Presto Team for two years. His success in this business can be attributed both to his experience working with both buyers and sellers, and also his experience building an investment portfolio of 62 apartments. John's buyers and sellers repeatedly refer him to other friends and family which leads to long term relationships and repeat referral business.

As a real estate agent, he focuses on helping other investors maximize their profit as they buy or sell their investment properties. John's team is also well versed in helping retail clients buy and sell single-family homes in the area.  His area of expertise is in the near western Chicago suburbs. John is also an active buy and hold investor with a growing portfolio of properties. He is the CEO of Presto Properties, Inc which owns and manages 62 apartment units in the Chicago western suburbs.


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