Linda Mckissack

The Queen of Passive Income

HOLD: How To Find, Buy, and Rent Houses For Wealth

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

  • Linda is the author of "Presentation Mastery For Realtors" and the National Best-Seller of the book "Hold: How to Find, Buy, and Rent Houses for Wealth"
  • Linda will share how working with investors and investing herself has helped her reach her full potential
  • How real estate investing can buy you freedom 
  • Plus, a FREE Bonus from Linda: Text RENTALS to 33444 for a freebie guide to walk you through one of our investment properties.

About the Speaker

When you woke up this morning did you feel energized and thrilled to take on the new day as a real estate professional? Or did you wake up this morning feeling overworked, underappreciated, and behind the financial eight ball? Unfortunately too many real estate professionals are not fulfilling their full potential. 

They lack the freedom of time our profession offers and the passive income that real estate can provide them. 

This is exactly where Linda McKissack found herself many years ago. She and her husband Jim, lacked the financial resources to survive an economic downturn that had descended on the nation. This forced Linda to make a career shift and in the early 1980s began her real estate career--- knowing nothing! 

 Over the years she sought out mentors, coaches and adopted systems and models that were proven to get results. And get the results she did. You can do exactly the same thing when you have the right mentor coach and systems and that's what Linda has provided real estate professionals across the country with for decades.

Today Linda's realty Group sells over $60 million in volume and closes over 300 properties each year. Instead of keeping her success secrets private she has willingly shared them with Realtors across the country helping them increase their income business effectiveness and provide them with more free time for family and personal activities. 

Some people can do and some people can teach. Linda is unique in the fact that she can do both. Linda was recently asked "in one sentence, can you sum up your philosophy and why you're doing what you're doing now? 

Linda quickly responded by saying, "I help successful, but overworked real estate entrepreneurs understand the power of leverage and passive income so they can find freedom and margin for what matters most!"


Whatever your real estate sales goals are, let us help you hit them.

Work with more investors and grow your business tenfold.

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