Maria Dennis

Washington Real Estate Agent

Finding Success with Investors as a Brand New Agent

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

Maria Dennis is an investor-turned agent. Tune in to see how she has thrived being a new agent in a hot market by working with investor clients.

Breakout Room Q&A Session

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

Join us for a quick breakout session. Maria answers your questions live 🙂

About the Speaker

Originally from the Philippines and now living in Seattle, Maria is a licensed broker with HomeSmart, a paid real estate investment mentor and coach with SemiRetiredMD, a property manager for some of her own properties, a wife, and mother of two boys.

Maria and her husband have owned rental properties for 10+ years and currently own multiple buy/hold properties in the greater Seattle area with plans to purchase more. Through a creative house hack, Maria bought her first property at age 21 while attending the University of Washington and working at 3 jobs simultaneously. Outside of real estate, Maria has 15+ years of professional experience in sales and marketing.

Maria is a growth-minded, natural connector who is passionate about leveraging her network to create real value for her real estate partners and clients. She is an ardent learner, who consistently takes real estate investment courses, listens to real estate podcasts, attends virtual meetups, reads, and constantly networks. She works with both traditional and investor real estate clients and specializes in deal sourcing, cash flow analysis, finding hidden value, real estate team-building, and using social media for lead generation.

Maria’s primary market of focus is Washington state where most clients are buyers/sellers for single family homes, smaller multi-family, and short-term rentals. She is not simply a transactional real estate broker. Maria is a customer-first broker who is focused on the relationship and adamant about giving her clients the best experience to achieve their real estate goals. In her free time, Maria spends time with her family and enjoys running, exercise, and eating chips!


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