Mike Swenson

Minneapolis/St. Paul Real Estate Agent

Scaling Up to Make $56k in 30 Days

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

Mike Swenson, Twin Cities real estate agent, went from being your regular residential agent to pivoting to working with the Agents Invest investors - earning $56k in commissions in just one month. Tune in to see how he did it.

Breakout Room Q&A Session

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

Join us for a quick breakout session. Mike answers your questions live 🙂

About the Speaker

Mike has been a part of real estate for 15 years. It started with becoming a landlord having bought in a down market back in 2006. It continued with his first flip back in 2008, buying a home in St. Paul for $36,000. He sold that and took the proceeds to completely pay off his college debt. He purchased a short-sale after that, and house hacked a few more homes over the years to get to where he is at today. 

Professionally, Mike joined real estate full-time in 2013, working on the operations side of a real estate team. In his 6 years with the team serving as COO, he helped grow from a handful of agents and around 150 transactions (ranking 395th with their brokerage) to having expansion teams in 5 states and closing a total of 619 transactions (ranking 13th with their brokerage) and had the designation of being named the 31st largest team in the United States (including all brokerages) in 2019. He then decided to then launch his own team - the Elite Advantage Team - serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding areas, where he currently has a team of 9 agents, focusing both on traditional real estate and investment properties.

In addition to that, Mike has a strong passion for helping people gain time and financial freedom because of the opportunities that are presented in the real estate space. Because of that, he launched his own podcast called REL Freedom (which stands for Real Estate Leveraged Freedom) highlighting people pursuing their passions in real estate to gain time and financial freedom. He interviews people all over the United States in all forms of real estate-related work, who are doing things at a very high level. In his spare time, Mike loves attending sporting events and hanging out with his beautiful wife and 3 sons.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Mike LOVES this state and is very familiar with the Twin Cities and surrounding area! He wants to build long-term relationships with people excited about investing in the Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding market. This market has a lot to offer with low unemployment rates (14th lowest), very high median incomes (11th highest), and extremely low vacancy rates (6th lowest in the United States). This market is fertile with great properties for a fraction of the prices you'll find on the coast.

Working with Mike and his team, you'll be given an exceptional level of customer service, care, and local education to help you make great informed decisions. Our business will only thrive if you love the investments you're making locally, and have a great experience, so we're committed to providing that to you. Feel free to reach out at any time with any questions. We're here to help you succeed in your investment strategy!


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