Rob Chevez

Chief Visionary Officer, Founder of the Grid Investor Network

Building Teams and Partnerships That Create Freedom of Time and Money

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

Your most valuable asset is time. Building a team and creating partnerships helps you decouple your time from your money and allows you to build a business that works for you while creating a bigger future for yourself and others. This will be a step-by-step system for helping you get back your time while increasing your income.

About the Speaker

Rob traveled the world as the son of a Foreign Service Officer and moved 11 times and lived in 7 countries before the age of 17. Living abroad gave him an appreciation for different cultures and people and provided him a deep understanding of how important "The Home" is to the family unit.

He eventually settled in the DC area and went to American University where he graduated with a degree in Psychology. In 1999 he fell in love with real estate upon purchasing his first home and then renting the rooms to his friends. He quickly learned that owning and renting real estate was a powerful wealth-building tool and he was hungry to do more.
He spent the next 5 years buying rentals with his wife Kim part-time and learning as much as he could about the game of real estate. In 2005 Rob and Kim started The CAZA Group to buy, fix and flip homes. Since then, CAZA has evolved into a diversified portfolio of companies whose primary focus is helping families BUY, SELL and INVEST in real estate. In 2018 they sold 118 Million in Real Estate and currently have 6 expansion Offices along with an Investment and Construction business.
CAZA is ranked in the top 1% of teams in the Keller Williams Realty and in 2019 Rob was interviewed by Gary Keller on stage in front of 10,000 agents to discuss his ZONE Method of business building.

Rob's passion for wealth-building inspired him to start a monthly real estate investment mastermind that has grown 11,000 members across 10 chapters. His plan is to take the network globally and grow it to over 100,000 members and help others create wealth and legacy through real estate.
In 2019 he was elected as President of the Northern Virginia Chapter for NAHREP ( Nation Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals) Rob lives in Reston Virginia with his wife Kim, daughter Isabella, and dog Prim. He loves Modern Architecture, Hot Sauce, Soup, being active and connecting with the outdoors.


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