Zeona McIntyre

Real Estate Agent and STR expert

4 Simple Strategies To Maximize Airbnb as an Agent

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

  • The four ways you and your clients can start using short-term rentals today! Think: Financial Freedom with Airbnb even if you don't own property!
  • How your clients can buy more houses than they ever imagined possible using this ONE strategy
  • How Zeona added multiple streams of income from STRs and more!

About the Speaker

From College Student to Financially Independent in 2 years with Airbnb!

Zeona McIntyre has been an Airbnb host since 2012, after 8 years of being a Short Term Rental Property Manager & Consultant, she has transitioned to Selling Real Estate to Investors looking to House Hack or Live For Free. At 34 years old, she is an avid Real Estate Investor owning 6 homes and managing 10 homes all on a short-term to medium-term basis. She teaches her clients to create automated hosting businesses and how-to invest through unique strategies on her blog, www.ZeonaMcIntyre.com.  Zeona has been to 47 countries. In non-Covid years, she spends half the year in Boulder, Colorado, and the other half traveling the world as an international pet and house sitter.

Whatever your real estate sales goals are, let us help you hit them.

Work with more investors and grow your business tenfold.

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