Zeona McIntyre

Real Estate Agent and STR expert

4 Simple Strategies To Maximize Airbnb as an Agent

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

  • The four ways you and your clients can start using short-term rentals today! Think: Financial Freedom with Airbnb even if you don't own property!
  • How your clients can buy more houses than they ever imagined possible using this ONE strategy
  • How Zeona added multiple streams of income from STRs and more!

About the Speaker

From College Student to Financially Independent in 2 years with Airbnb!

Zeona McIntyre has been an Airbnb host since 2012, after 8 years of being a Short Term Rental Property Manager & Consultant, she has transitioned to Selling Real Estate to Investors looking to House Hack or Live For Free. At 34 years old, she is an avid Real Estate Investor owning 6 homes and managing 10 homes all on a short-term to medium-term basis. She teaches her clients to create automated hosting businesses and how-to invest through unique strategies on her blog, www.ZeonaMcIntyre.com.  Zeona has been to 47 countries. In non-Covid years, she spends half the year in Boulder, Colorado, and the other half traveling the world as an international pet and house sitter.